Logan County Kentucky

Logan County Kentucky has expanded their health services, featuring a variety of medical institutions such as hospitals, home care services and the largest in Russelville. Logan Memorial Hospital provides the population with a variety of drugs such as Tylenol, Paracetamol and much more. They continue investing in healthcare centers to attract more people to live in this charming county.

Logan County, Kentucky Guide

Visitlogancounty.com is a website where you will find general and tourism information regarding the Logan County KY. It's name came from Benjamin Logan. Benjamin Logan was an American soldier, pioneer and politician. He was a militia colonel and local leader from the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1742 and died in 1802. Benjamin Logan had a brother by the name of John Logan who was the first person in the state of Kentucky to become state treasurer.

Logan County Kentucky is located in the southwest area of Kentucky. The rest of the counties are located the following: Muhlenberg on the northwest area, Warren on the northeast area, Butler on the north area, Robertson on the south and Todd around the west area. The ethnic groups found on the county are the following: African-American, White, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander.

This Kentucky's County is formed by the following five cities: Russellville, Adairville, Olmstead, Auburn and Lewisburg. The main city in it is Russellville. There are a variety of attractions for the residents and for tourists. The main attractions are the following: Red River Meeting House, Shaker Museum at South Union, Lake Malone State Park, Russellville Historic District, etc. The majority of the tourism visits a few of the attractions listed.

The Logan County Fair is a very popular fair that occurs on the state of Kentucky. The Logan Fair is held once a year on the month of July. This fair provides a variety of entertainment for kids and adults. Some of the entertainment that you can find at the fair are the following: Bull riding, horse shows, rides, foods, games and more.

The Logan County school district is located on the city of Russellville mission on the county is to enable all students the availability to acquire the skills and knowledge in order to become successful citizens. This county school district operates five pre school through eight grade schools and one high school. It serves approximately 3500 students in the entire county.

The name of the only high school found in this County is Logan County High School. This high school provides their students athletics groups such as: Volleyball, golf, soccer, basketball, softball, cheerleading, x-country, swimming, track and field, tennis, football, archery and baseball. The high school also has clubs and organizations for their student's participation such as the following: Band, Academic team, Chemistry club, Beta club, Journalism, Pep club, Spanish club, Speech and drama club, Yearbook club, JROTC, DECA, PRIDE, etc. Here, in this website you will be provided with all information related to the Logan County KY.

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